KLINT White Mulberry

      KLINT White Mulberry


      KLINT White Mulberry is a nicotine pouch with natural mulberry flavour. It has a sweet and complex taste of ripe berries that lingers on your tongue. No tobacco, no tar, just flavour. KLINT White Mulberry is a product by The Habit Factory, a Swedish company that makes high-quality nicotine products with low environmental impact. The pouches are slim and discreet, and come in a biodegradable package. KLINT White Mulberry has a range of strengths to choose from

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      KLINT White Mulberry

      KLINT White Mulberryhas has a refreshing taste of summer-ripened mulberries, with subtle tones of raspberries and blueberries for a balanced and complex flavour.

      KLINT White Mulberry is made with natural ingredients and flavours, and does not contain any tobacco or tar. It comes in a slim format that fits comfortably under your upper lip. You can enjoy it discreetly anytime, anywhere.

      KLINT White Mulberry is one of the products from KLINT All White, a brand by The Habit Factory. This is a Swedish company that aims to provide high-quality nicotine products with minimal environmental impact. The company uses only biodegradable materials for its packaging, and sources its ingredients from sustainable farms.

      KLINT All White gets its name from the Swedish word for cliff, which symbolizes strength, stability and freedom. The brand offers a range of flavours and strengths to suit different preferences and occasions.


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      KLINT White Mulberry

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


        KLINT WHITE MULBERRY is a tobacco-free and smokeless alternative to traditional tobacco products. It is designed to provide a subtle white mulberry flavor and a satisfying nicotine kick

      • What are the components of KLINT WHITE MULBERRY?

        KLINT WHITE MULBERRY consists of plant fibers, nicotine extracted without tobacco, and natural flavors, making them a safer substitute for smoking.

      • How many bags are in a can of KLINT WHITE MULBERRY?

        There are 24 bags per can KLINT WHITE MULBERRY123, more than most other brands available on the market.

      • What is the strength of KLINT WHITE MULBERRY?

        KLINT WHITE MULBERRY offers normal nicotine content, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a milder nicotine hit.

      • How long does it take for KLINT WHITE MULBERRY to take effect?

        KLINT WHITE MULBERRY usually starts working within minutes of putting it under the lip, with the nicotine being absorbed through the gums, providing a quick and satisfying rush.

      • How long can I keep KLINT WHITE MULBERRY in my mouth?

        Depending on your preference, you can keep KLINT WHITE MULBERRY in your mouth for up to an hour, after which you can discard the pouch and replace it with a new one.

      • Are KLINT WHITE MULBERRY safe to use?

        KLINT WHITE MULBERRY is a safer alternative to smoking because they contain no tobacco leaf. However, they do contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance. As with any nicotine product, it is important to use them responsibly and in moderation.

      • Can I use KLINT WHITE MULBERRY indoors

        Yes, you can use KLINT WHITE MULBERRY indoors because they are smoke-free and produce no harmful substances or odors.

      • Can I use KLINT WHITE MULBERRY while driving?

        It is not recommended to use KLINT WHITE MULBERRY while driving because it may affect your concentration and reflexes.

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