KLINT Pomegranate

      KLINT Pomegranate


      KLINT Pomegranate is a nicotine pouch with a fresh and delectable taste of ripe and juicy pomegranate. A perfect balance between sweet and sour with a hint of delicate bitterness. KLINT Pomegranate has a slim format that fits comfortably under your lip and delivers a normal amount of nicotine (5.6 mg per pouch). The pouches are white, tobacco-free and do not stain your teeth. Each can contains 24 portions that last longer than regular snus.

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      KLINT Pomegranate

      This product is a nicotine pouch that contains no tobacco, but instead uses natural plant fibers as a base. The pouches are white and dry, which means they do not drip or stain your teeth. They also have a slim format that fits discreetly under your lip and provides a comfortable feel.

      KLINT Pomegranate has a delicious flavour of pomegranate, a fruit that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. The taste is fresh and fruity, with a perfect balance between sweet and sour notes. You will also notice a subtle bitterness that adds some depth and complexity to the flavour profile. The aroma is pleasant and inviting, with hints of red berries.

      KLINT Pomegranate delivers a normal amount of nicotine (5.6 mg per pouch), which suits most users who want to enjoy their nicotine without any harshness or irritation. The nicotine release is smooth and steady, lasting longer than regular snus thanks to the dryness of the pouches.

      KLINT Pomegranate is made by The Habit Factory, a Swedish company that aims to create innovative and high-quality nicotine products for modern consumers. The company focuses on using natural ingredients, sustainable production methods and attractive design to offer an alternative to traditional tobacco products. KLINT is one of their brands that offers various flavours of nicotine pouches with different strengths and formats.

      If you want to buy KLINT Pomegranate online in the Netherlands, you can order it from GetSnus.nl, the leading online store for snus and nicotine pouches in Europe. GetSnus.nl offers fast delivery, low prices and excellent customer service. You can also find other flavours from KLINT on their website.


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      KLINT Pomegranate

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      • What are KLINT POMEGRANATE ?

        KLINT POMEGRANATE is a tobacco-free and smokeless alternative to traditional tobacco products that delivers a fruity pomegranate flavor and a satisfying nicotine hit.

      • What are the ingredients in KLINT POMEGRANATE?

        KLINT POMEGRANATE contains tobacco-free nicotine, vegetable fiber and natural flavors. They contain no tobacco leaf, making them a safer alternative to smoking.

      • How many pouches are in each can of KLINT POMEGRANATE?

        Each can of KLINT POMEGRANATE contains 24 pouches, which is more than most other brands on the market.

      • What is the strength of KLINT POMEGRANATE?

        KLINT POMEGRANATE has a medium nicotine content, making it a perfect option for those new to or looking for a milder nicotine hit.

      • How long does it take for KLINT POMEGRANATE to start working?

        KLINT POMEGRANATE starts working within minutes of placing them under the lip. The nicotine is absorbed through the gums and provides a quick and satisfying rush.

      • How long can I keep ? KLINT POMEGRANATE in my mouth?

        KLINT POMEGRANATE can be kept in your mouth for up to an hour, depending on your personal preference. After that, you can easily discard the pouch and replace it with a new one.

      • Are KLINT POMEGRANATE safe?

        KLINT POMEGRANATE is a safer alternative to smoking because they contain no tobacco leaf. However, they do contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance. As with any nicotine product, it is important to use them responsibly and in moderation.

      • Can I use KLINT POMEGRANATE indoors?

        Yes, you can use KLINT POMEGRANATE indoors because they are smoke-free and produce no harmful chemicals or odors.

      • How should I store KLINT POMEGRANATE?

        KLINT POMEGRANATE should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. You can also store them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh longer.

      • How does KLINT POMEGRANATE taste compared to other nicotine options?

        KLINT POMEGRANATE offers a unique and refreshing fruity flavor that stands out from other nicotine options. The natural pomegranate flavor provides a pleasant and enjoyable experience, making it a popular choice among nicotine lovers.

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