List of products by brand VELO

Here are a List of products by brand VELO

The VELO brand, previously known as LYFT

offers a variety of high-quality, white, tobacco-free nicotine pouches. These products come in different flavors, strengths, and sizes, continuously expanding with new options. VELO, a product of British American Tobacco, is designed to provide a comfortable and less runny experience under the lip due to their slimmed pouches. In early 2024, VELO plans to rename a significant portion of its product range as part of its global strategy to refresh and enhance its offerings.

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      Introduction to VELO on GetSnus

      Welcome to the VELO section of GetSnus, where the future of nicotine enjoyment is not just imagined, but brought to life. As a leading brand in the world of tobacco-free nicotine pouches, VELO stands as a beacon of innovation and a cleaner, alternative pathway to nicotine enjoyment. Born from the evolution of LYFT, VELO represents a new chapter in nicotine consumption, one that places a strong emphasis on health, information, and the goal of delivering a superior, tobacco-free nicotine experience.

      At GetSnus, we take pride in showcasing VELO, a brand that has seamlessly transitioned from LYFT, carrying with it a legacy of quality and pioneering spirit. VELO is more than just nicotine pouches; it is a symbol of modernity, offering discreet, flexible, and elegant options for those in search of the best tobacco-free nicotine solutions. This transformation underscores our commitment to not only fulfilling but surpassing the desires of our customers by presenting products that resonate with a health-conscious and informed audience.

      Why Choose VELO?

      • Health-Conscious Choice: VELO's tobacco-free formula represents a significant step forward in enjoying nicotine responsibly and healthily.
      • Informed Decisions: Embracing the power of information, VELO ensures that customers are well-educated about their nicotine choices.
      • Innovative Products: From LYFT to VELO, the journey is marked by continuous innovation, offering cutting-edge nicotine pouches that meet the highest standards of quality and satisfaction.

      VELO stands at the forefront of the nicotine pouch industry, characterized by its unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to providing adults with superior, tobacco-free nicotine products. The transition from LYFT to VELO is a testament to our dedication to progress, reflecting our focus on innovation, safety, and customer contentment. Discover the VELO range on GetSnus and step into a realm where quality, health, and informed choice pave the way to a refined nicotine experience.

      History of VELO

      The story of this is a fascinating journey of innovation, transition, and growth within the nicotine industry. Originating as LYFT, the brand set the foundation for a new era in tobacco-free nicotine products, distinguishing itself with quality and forward-thinking. The evolution from LYFT to VELO marked a significant milestone, symbolizing a broader commitment to meeting the evolving needs of nicotine users while maintaining a strong focus on health and satisfaction.

      Under the stewardship of British American Tobacco (BAT), one of the world's leading multinational companies, VELO has flourished, leveraging BAT's extensive resources, research, and innovation capabilities. This partnership has propelled VELO into new heights of success, expanding its presence across various markets and becoming a preferred choice among nicotine users who seek a modern, tobacco-free option.

      Key Milestones in VELO's Journey

      • The inception of LYFT, laying the groundwork for a new kind of nicotine pouch that emphasizes quality and consumer health.
      • The strategic transition to VELO, reflecting an enhanced focus on innovation and global consumer needs.
      • Joining forces with British American Tobacco, which provided the brand with unparalleled expertise and resources to scale and innovate.
      • Expansion into new markets, solidifying VELO's status as a globally recognized brand and a leader in the nicotine pouch sector.
      • Continuous product innovation, leading to a diverse range of flavors and strengths to cater to a broad spectrum of preferences and lifestyles.

      Today, VELO stands as a testament to the power of adaptation and innovation in the fast-paced world of nicotine products. Through its journey from LYFT to VELO, and its growth under British American Tobacco, VELO has established itself as a brand that is not only ahead of its time but also deeply committed to the well-being of its users. It's this commitment that has made VELO a preferred choice for those seeking a satisfying, tobacco-free nicotine experience.

      Product Line Overview for VELO

      The product range is a testament to the brand's commitment to diversity and innovation in the nicotine pouch market. Offering a wide variety of flavors, strengths, and sizes, VELO caters to the unique preferences and lifestyles of its users. Each product is designed with the utmost care, ensuring a high-quality, satisfying experience without tobacco.


      It takes pride in its broad palette of flavors, ranging from classic options like Mint and Berry to more exotic selections such as Tropical and Coffee. This variety ensures that every user can find a flavor that resonates with their taste, making the brand a versatile choice for all.


      Understanding the importance of personal preference in nicotine satisfaction, they offers its pouches in multiple nicotine strengths. From light options for those who prefer a gentler experience to strong variants for users seeking a more robust nicotine hit, VELO's range accommodates every level of desired intensity.


      It is not just diverse in flavors and strengths but also in sizes. The brand offers slim and regular-sized pouches, ensuring a comfortable fit and a discreet experience for every user. This attention to detail and consideration for user comfort underscores VELO's innovative approach to product development.

      Innovation at Its Core

      At the heart of VELO's product line is an unwavering commitment to innovation. Continuously exploring new flavors, optimizing pouch compositions, and adapting to consumer feedback, They stays at the forefront of the nicotine pouch industry. This dedication to innovation not only enhances the user experience but also cements VELO's position as a leader in tobacco-free nicotine solutions.

      Explore the diverse and innovative range of VELO products on GetSnus and discover the perfect blend of flavor, strength, and size that meets your nicotine needs without tobacco.

      Here is the table with all products from VELO with nicotine strength and Flavor text 

      Product Flavor Text Nicotine Strength
      Freeze (SE) Experience the chilling sensation of Scandinavian winters with every portion. 16 mg/g
      Freeze Max Unleash the ultimate cold blast for a maximum intensity experience. 24 mg/g
      Ice Cool Strong (CZ) Dive into a refreshingly sharp frost that invigorates your senses. 14 mg/g
      Freeze Ultra Elevate to an extreme cold that takes your breath away. 20 mg/g
      Ice Cool (SE) Coolness redefined with a smooth, refreshing embrace. 14 mg/g
      X-Freeze Max Extreme freeze meets maximum strength for an unforgettable rush. 20 mg/g
      Mint | McLaren Limited Edition Exclusive minty freshness with a touch of racing thrill. 8 mg/g
      X-Freeze Ultra Push the boundaries of cold with this intense icy experience. 18 mg/g
      Berry Frost X-Strong Berry and frost combine for a sweet yet powerful sensation. 16 mg/g
      Mint Classic mint flavor that's clean and invigorating. 8 mg/g
      Easy Mint Mini Gentle minty freshness in a discreet, mini format. 6 mg/g
      Tropic Breeze Max Maximize your tropical adventure with vibrant flavors. 20 mg/g
      Ruby Berry Strong Indulge in the rich, strong taste of ruby berries. 14 mg/g
      Iced Melon Mini Refreshing melon with a cool twist, in a sleek mini size. 12 mg/g
      Royal Purple Mini A regal blend of flavors in a compact form. 12 mg/g
      Polar Mint Mini Medium Medium-strength mint with a polar cool sensation. 8 mg/g
      Berry Frost Mini Medium Sweet berries meet frost in a medium-strength mini. 12 mg/g
      Freeze X-Strong (CZ) Extra strong freeze for an intense chill. 16 mg/g
      Arctic Frost Max Explore the maximum coolness of the Arctic. 20 mg/g
      Tropic Breeze Ultra Ultra tropical flavors for an exotic sensory journey. 18 mg/g
      Ruby Berry Mini Sweet ruby berry flavor in a convenient mini size. 8 mg/g
      Cool Storm X Strong Brace yourself for a storm of cool intensity. 16 mg/g
      Ruby Berry Sweet and enticing ruby berry flavor for a delightful experience. 8 mg/g
      Tropic Breeze X-Strong Extra strong tropical flavors for an intense getaway. 16 mg/g
      Ice Cool Mini Concentrated coolness in a convenient mini size for an icy thrill. 16 mg/g
      Royal Purple Strong Strong and majestic flavors for a noble sensory experience. 16 mg/g
      Cool Storm Ultra Ultra-intense coolness that engulfs you like a storm. 18 mg/g
      Tropic Breeze Embark on a tropical journey with a gentle breeze of flavor. 8 mg/g
      Tropic Breeze Mini Tropical flavors in a mini size for a quick escape. 12 mg/g
      Polar Mint Strong Strong minty freshness with a polar-inspired coolness. 14 mg/g
      Frosty Grapefruit A frosty citrus blast that refreshes and invigorates. 16 mg/g
      Berry Frost Strong Strong berry flavors kissed by a frosty chill. 14 mg/g
      Zingy Eucalyptus A zingy burst of eucalyptus for a refreshing sensation. 15.6 mg/g
      Mighty Peppermint Ultra Ultra-strong peppermint for a mighty burst of freshness. 20 mg/g
      Eucalyptus X-Strong Extra strong eucalyptus for a deeply refreshing experience. 15.6 mg/g
      Fresh Jalapeño Spicy jalapeño flavor for a fresh and fiery sensation. 16 mg/g
      Punchy Lime Mini A punch of zesty lime in a compact mini size. 10 mg/g
      Mighty Peppermint Max The maximum strength of peppermint for an invigorating rush. 24 mg/g
      Tomorrowland Limited Edition 2023 Celebrate with a special edition flavor inspired by Tomorrowland. 8 mg/g
      Royal Purple X-Strong Extra strong royal flavors for a commanding taste experience. 16 mg/g
      Cinnamon Flame Ignite your senses with the spicy warmth of cinnamon. 14 mg/g
      Mighty Peppermint A mighty wave of peppermint for a refreshing kick. 16 mg/g
      Liquorice Deep, dark liquorice for a rich and satisfying taste. 14 mg/g
      Twisted Pineapple A twist of pineapple for a sweet, tropical flavor. 8 mg/g
      Caribbean Spirit Embrace the spirit of the Caribbean with exotic flavors. 14 mg/g
      Frozen Cloudberry Chill with the unique taste of frozen cloudberries. 8 mg/g
      Nutty Virginia Mini Savor the rich, nutty flavors of Virginia tobacco in a mini size. 10 mg/g
      Spiffy Spearmint Mini Refreshing spearmint in a sleek, spiffy mini size. 8 mg/g
      Blushy Berry Get blushy with the sweet and subtle taste of berries. 8 mg/g
      Crispy Peppermint Enjoy the crispy, cool taste of peppermint. 14.3 mg/g
      Crispy Peppermint Mini Crisp peppermint flavor in a convenient mini size. 16 mg/g
      Witty Spearmint Delight in the witty, sharp taste of spearmint. 8 mg/g
      Spicy Pineapple Spice up your taste buds with the flavor of spicy pineapple. 14 mg/g

      User Experience

      The design and usability of VELO products are central to the brand's philosophy, focusing on delivering an exceptional user experience that combines comfort, discretion, and rich flavor profiles. VELO's nicotine pouches are crafted to offer a seamless integration into the daily lives of adults who use nicotine, ensuring satisfaction without the need for tobacco.

      Comfort and Discretion

      VELO's pouches are renowned for their slim design, allowing for a snug fit under the lip that is both comfortable and unnoticeable. This discreet form factor makes VELO an ideal choice for users seeking a nicotine product that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time, without drawing attention. The materials used are soft to the touch, minimizing irritation and maximizing comfort during use.

      Flavor Profiles

      One of VELO's standout features is its diverse and vibrant flavor profiles. Each flavor is carefully crafted to deliver a satisfying experience that lasts, with a slow release of nicotine and taste that keeps users engaged. From refreshing mint to exotic tropical blends, VELO's flavors are designed to cater to a wide range of preferences, making each experience unique and enjoyable.

      Customer Testimonials

      • "VELO has changed the game for me. The mint flavor is incredibly refreshing, and I love how discreetly I can enjoy it at work or while out with friends." - Alex J.
      • "I was looking for a tobacco-free option that didn't compromise on taste or strength, and VELO delivered. The variety of strengths is perfect for finding your ideal experience." - Samira K.
      • "The comfort of VELO pouches is unmatched. I've tried other brands, but none sit as nicely or feel as gentle as VELO. Plus, the flavor lasts for ages!" - Casey R.

      These testimonials underscore the positive impact VELO has on its users, highlighting the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and satisfaction. VELO's thoughtful design and diverse flavor offerings ensure a superior user experience, making it a preferred choice for adults seeking a discreet, comfortable, and flavorful nicotine option.

      Experience the difference with VELO on GetSnus, where comfort meets flavor in the most discreet and satisfying way.

      How to Use VELO Products

      For those new to VELO nicotine pouches, the process of using these tobacco-free products is straightforward and designed for convenience. Here's a simple guide to help you enjoy VELO responsibly and effectively:

      Step-by-Step Usage Guide

      1. Choose Your Strength and Flavor: Start by selecting a VELO pouch that matches your preferred flavor and nicotine strength. VELO offers a wide range of options to suit various tastes and experiences.
      2. Place the Pouch: Take a single pouch and place it under your upper lip, against your gum. There's no need to chew or suck on the pouch; let it sit comfortably.
      3. Enjoy the Experience: Once the pouch is in place, you'll begin to feel the nicotine effect. Enjoy the steady release of flavor and nicotine for up to 30 minutes or as you see fit.
      4. Dispose of Responsibly: After use, dispose of the pouch in a trash bin. VELO pouches come with a discreet compartment in the packaging for used pouches, making it easy to dispose of them responsibly when you're on the go.

      Tips for a Better Experience

      • Start with Lower Strengths: If you're new to nicotine pouches, consider starting with a lower strength to gauge your tolerance and preference.
      • Find Your Flavor: Experiment with different flavors to find the one that best suits your palate. The variety of VELO flavors ensures there's something for everyone.
      • Practice Discretion: Thanks to their slim design, VELO pouches offer a discreet way to enjoy nicotine, allowing you to use them virtually anywhere without drawing attention.

      Using VELO nicotine pouches is an easy, clean, and tobacco-free way to enjoy nicotine. By following these simple steps and tips, you can ensure a satisfying and responsible experience. VELO is dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative nicotine products for adults looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco.

      Discover the convenience and satisfaction of VELO on GetSnus, and join the growing number of users who've found their perfect nicotine experience with VELO.

      Health and Safety

      At the heart of VELO's mission is a steadfast commitment to health and safety, ensuring that all products not only meet but exceed regulatory standards. VELO, powered by years of research and backed by the rigorous oversight of British American Tobacco, places paramount importance on responsible manufacturing practices, regulatory compliance, and the education of its consumers about responsible nicotine use.

      Regulatory Compliance

      VELO adheres to the strictest regulatory frameworks, ensuring that every product is compliant with local and international health standards. This commitment to compliance is evident in the meticulous testing and quality control measures that each VELO product undergoes. By staying abreast of the latest regulatory changes and scientific research, VELO ensures that its nicotine pouches are safe, reliable, and of the highest quality.

      Consumer Education

      Understanding the importance of informed choices, VELO actively engages in consumer education efforts. These initiatives aim to provide users with comprehensive information about nicotine use, including the potential risks and how to enjoy VELO products responsibly. Through transparent communication and educational resources, VELO empowers its users to make informed decisions about their nicotine consumption.

      Commitment to Health

      VELO's dedication to health extends beyond regulatory compliance and consumer education. The brand actively works to innovate and improve its products, ensuring that they offer a cleaner, tobacco-free alternative to traditional nicotine products. By offering a range of strengths and flavors, VELO caters to the needs of adult users, providing options that can help manage nicotine intake and preferences responsibly.

      VELO's approach to health and safety is comprehensive, reflecting a deep understanding of the responsibilities that come with providing nicotine products. The brand's efforts to maintain the highest standards of safety, alongside its initiatives to educate and inform, demonstrate a genuine commitment to the well-being of its customers.

      Explore VELO's commitment to health and safety on GetSnus, and discover a brand that prioritizes your well-being, offering a responsible and informed nicotine experience.