VELO Ruby Berry

      VELO Ruby Berry


      VELO Ruby Berry: a fruity and fresh snus with a touch of mint. Enjoy the natural sweetness of berries and the cooling sensation of mint in this snus. VELO Ruby Berry is made from plant-based fibers and nicotine salts for a satisfying experience. It comes in slim pouches that fit discreetly under your lip.


      VELO Ruby Berry

      VELO is a new brand of nicotine pouches that offers a variety of flavors to suit your mood and taste. Whether you prefer fruity, minty, or spicy sensations, VELO has something for you. This is one of the fruity flavors that VELO offers. It combines the natural sweetness of berries with a touch of mint for a refreshing and balanced taste. You can enjoy this snus anytime and anywhere, as it does not require refrigeration or spit.

      VELO Ruby Berry is made from plant-based fibers and nicotine salts that deliver a smooth and satisfying nicotine kick. The pouches are slim and comfortable to use under your lip. They are also white and dry, which means they do not stain your teeth or drip.

      You can order it online from, the best place to buy snus in the Netherlands. We offer fast and discreet shipping to your door.

      VELO's products are made entirely without tobacco and instead contain soft plant fiber that fits comfortably under the lip. The slim pouches contribute to a more discreet experience.

      LYFT becomes VELO. In the first part of 2022, LYFT changed its name to VELO. The products that were under the LYFT brand will become VELO. The products have the same taste and nicotine strength - the only difference is the name of the pod.


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      VELO Ruby Berry

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      • What are VELO RUBY BERRY ?

        VELO RUBY BERRY are small, white, tobacco-free pouches that contain nicotine and a blend of natural fibers, flavorings and sweeteners. They are designed to be placed under the upper lip, where they release a steady stream of nicotine.

      • What flavors are available in VELO RUBY BERRY ?

        VELO RUBY BERRY are available in a delicious mix of berry flavors, including raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. These flavors provide a sweet and fruity taste that goes well with the gentle nicotine action.

      • How do VELO RUBY BERRY work?

        When you place a VELO RUBY BERRY nicotine pouch under your upper lip, the nicotine is absorbed through the tissue in your mouth and enters your bloodstream. This provides a quick and convenient way to meet your nicotine needs without smoking or using tobacco products.

      • Are VELO RUBY BERRY suitable for vegetarians?

        Yes, VELO RUBY BERRY are made from a blend of natural fibers and contain no animal products, making them suitable for vegetarians.

      • How long does the nicotine effect of VELO RUBY BERRY last?

        The nicotine effect of VELO RUBY BERRY usually lasts about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the individual user.

      • Are VELO RUBY BERRY gluten-free?

        Yes, VELO RUBY BERRY are gluten-free, making them a good option for users with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

      • Can VELO RUBY BERRY be used by non-smokers?

        Although VELO RUBY BERRY are intended for current tobacco users, they can technically be used by non-smokers as well. However, it is important to note that nicotine is an addictive substance and users should be aware of the risks associated with nicotine use.

      • Can VELO RUBY BERRY be used with braces or dental work?

        Yes, VELO RUBY BERRY are designed to be gentle on teeth and gums and can be used with braces or dental work.

      • How do VELO RUBY BERRY compare to traditional tobacco products?

        VELO RUBY BERRY offer a similar nicotine experience to traditional tobacco products, such as snus or chewing tobacco. However, they do not contain tobacco and do not produce smoke or require spitting. This makes them a safer and more convenient alternative to traditional tobacco products.

      • How can I dispose of VELO RUBY BERRY ?

        After use, you can throw VELO RUBY BERRY in the regular trash. The pouches are made of natural fibers and are biodegradable, making them a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional tobacco products.

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