KLINT Passionfruit

      KLINT Passionfruit


      KLINT Passionfruit is a strong nicotine pouch with a juicy and fragrant flavour of tangy passion fruits and other exotic fruits. It contains 8 mg of nicotine per gram and has a slim format that fits discreetly under your upper lip.

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      KLINT Passionfruit

      This nicotine pouch delivers a tempting and juicy flavour of passion fruits that makes you think of the sunny and radiant places where they are grown. The flavour is also enhanced by other sweet tropical fruits that make the taste linger on. The pouches are normal strength, meaning they contain about  8 mg of nicotine per gram, which is suitable for experienced users. The pouches are also slim, meaning they fit comfortably under your upper lip and do not bulge out. KLINT Passionfruit does not contain any tobacco or produce any tobacco smell. Instead, it uses natural plant fibers that are white and do not stain your teeth.

      KLINT Passionfruit is manufactured by The Habit Factory, a Swedish company that aims to provide high-quality nicotine products with minimal environmental impact. The company uses only natural ingredients and flavours in its products, as well as biodegradable materials for its packaging. The brand name KLINT comes from the Swedish word for cliff, which symbolizes strength, stability and freedom. KLINT offers a range of flavours and strengths to suit different preferences and occasions.


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      KLINT Passionfruit

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


        KLINT PASSIONFRUIT is a tobacco-free product with 24 sachets per can, normal strength and a sweet and tangy passion fruit flavor.

      • How do KLINT PASSIONFRUIT work?

        KLINT PASSIONFRUIT pouches deliver nicotine slowly and steadily through your gums, and are placed under your upper lip.

      • What are the benefits of KLINT PASSIONFRUIT?

        KLINT PASSIONFRUIT provides a convenient and odorless way to consume nicotine without smoking, and can serve as a substitute for cigarettes or other tobacco products with a less harmful alternative.

      • How much nicotine is in KLINT PASSIONFRUIT?

        The nicotine content of KLINT PASSIONFRUIT varies depending on the product variant. According to , there are three variants: 0.6%, 0.8% and 1% nicotine content per gram of product weight, corresponding to 5.6 mg, 7 mg and 8 mg nicotine per pouch, respectively

      • Can KLINT PASSIONFRUIT help me quit smoking?

        Although not marketed as a smoking cessation product, KLINT PASSIONFRUIT may help some people who want to replace cigarettes or other tobacco products with a less harmful alternative.

      • What are the ingredients in KLINT PASSIONFRUIT?

        KLINT PASSIONFRUIT pouches are made of natural vegetable fiber, water, salt, flavoring and nicotine.

      • Are KLINT PASSIONFRUIT vegan?

        Yes, KLINT PASSIONFRUIT pouches are vegan and contain no animal products.

      • Where can I buy KLINT PASSIONFRUIT?

        KLINT PASSIONFRUIT can be purchased online at various websites that sell .

      • How long does the taste last in KLINT PASSIONFRUIT?

        The passion fruit taste may last up to an hour, but it may vary depending on your saliva production and personal preference.

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