KLINT Breeze Mint

      KLINT Breeze Mint


      KLINT Breeze Mint: a crisp and refreshing nicotine pouch with peppermint flavor.

      KLINT Breeze Mint is an all-white nicotine pouch that delivers a normal strength nicotine kick with a burst of minty freshness. The slim portions are filled with mint and extra peppermint, giving you a cooling sensation and lasting flavor. KLINT Breeze Mint is tobacco-free and discreet, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

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      KLINT Breeze Mint

      KLINT Breeze Mint: experience the polar breeze of mint on your senses.

      If you are looking for a nicotine pouch that combines a satisfying nicotine level with a refreshing mint taste, look no further than KLINT Breeze Mint. This all-white product offers a normal strength nicotine kick of 5.6 mg per pouch, along with a crisp and soothing flavor of peppermint and herb extracts. The slim portions are comfortable under your lip and release their flavor gradually for a long-lasting experience.

      KLINT Breeze Mint is part of the KLINT range of nicotine pouches, which are completely tobacco-free and made with natural ingredients. KLINT is a Swedish brand that aims to provide high-quality products that are convenient, discreet and enjoyable. With KLINT, you can satisfy your nicotine cravings whenever you want, wherever you are.

      KLINT Breeze Mint is available online at Get Snus, where you can order nicotine pouches online and save 9%. Get Snus delivers to the Netherlands and other countries in Europe within 2-4 business days. Whether you are new to nicotine pouches or an experienced user, Get Snus has something for everyone.


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      KLINT Breeze Mint

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      • What is the weight of KLINT Freeze Mint?

        The weight of one can of KLINT Freeze Mint is 36.00g, with 16.8g of that being the actual  

      • What are the main differences between BREEZE MINT and FREEZE MINT from KLINT?

        The main differences between KLINT BREEZE MINT and KLINT FREEZE MINT are the flavor and strength. KLINT BREEZE MINT has a milder flavor and lower nicotine strength, while KLINT FREEZE MINT has a stronger flavor and higher nicotine strength.

      • How long does it take for the nicotine to take effect when using Klint Breeze Mint ?

        The nicotine in Klint Breeze Mint is absorbed quickly through the lining of your mouth, so you should feel the effects within a few minutes of use.

      • Can Klint Breeze Mint help me quit smoking?

        Klint Breeze Mint are not a smoking cessation product and should not be used as a substitute for quitting smoking. However, they can be a useful tool for adult smokers who are trying to cut back on their tobacco use.

      • What is the nicotine content in Klint Breeze Mint ?

        Each pouch contains 5.6mg of nicotine, which is a moderate amount of nicotine.

      • Are Klint Breeze Mint safe?

        While Klint Breeze Mint are a tobacco-free product, they still contain nicotine, which can be addictive. They should not be used by non-nicotine users and are not intended for minors.

      • Asked by: David
        Date: 2023-02-19 18:33:02
        What are the ingredients in Klint Breeze Mint ?

        Klint Breeze Mint are made with high-quality nicotine, natural fibers, and other carefully selected ingredients to create a refreshing mint flavor.

      • How do I use Klint Breeze Mint ?

        Simply place a pouch in your mouth, between your lip and gum, and let it sit there. The nicotine will be absorbed through the lining of your mouth.

      • What are Klint Breeze Mint ?

        Klint Breeze Mint are a tobacco-free oral nicotine product that are designed to be discreet and easy to use.

      • What makes KLINT BREEZE MINT different from other mint-flavored options?

        KLINT BREEZE MINT offers a refreshing and invigorating experience with its unique blend of cool mint and eucalyptus flavors. Its flavor profile sets it apart from other mint products on the market.

      • How intense is the nicotine hit in KLINT BREEZE MINT?

        KLINT BREEZE MINT has a moderate nicotine strength, giving you a satisfying hit without being overwhelming.

      • Are KLINT BREEZE MINT pouches safe to use?

        Yes, KLINT BREEZE MINT is made with natural ingredients and contains no tobacco or harmful chemicals, making it a safe and healthy option.

      • How long does the cooling effect last in KLINT BREEZE MINT?

        The refreshing cooling effect in KLINT BREEZE MINT lasts up to an hour, giving you a long-lasting and enjoyable experience.

      • How do I use KLINT BREEZE Mint?

        Simply place a pouch under your upper lip and let it sit there for 15-20 minutes. When you're done, discard the pouch and enjoy the refreshing flavors and moderate nicotine hit.

      • Can KLINT BREEZE MINT help with smoking cessation?

        Nicotine pouches, including KLINT BREEZE MINT, can be used as a convenient tool for those trying to quit smoking or reduce tobacco use.

      • How many pouches are in each can of KLINT BREEZE MINT?

        Each KLINT BREEZE MINT can contains 24 pouches, giving you plenty of options to enjoy throughout the day.

      • Is it safe to use KLINT BREEZE MINT pouches every day?

        Yes, KLINT BREEZE MINT is a safe and healthy alternative to smoking and can be used every day with no harmful effects on your health.

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