List of products by brand On! Snus

Here are a List of products by brand On! Snus

Discover On! Snus: Tobacco-Free Alternative to Traditional Snus and Cigarettes, Now Available in the Netherlands at

On! Snus is a relatively new brand launched in 2018 by Burger Söhne AB, a Swiss family business with a long tradition of tobacco production. The company was founded in 1864 by Johann Wilhelm Burger and his son Johann Friedrich Burger in Basel. They started by manufacturing cigars, later moving on to cigarettes and snus.

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On! Snus

    Lemon Berry 6mg

    Burger Söhne AB has always been innovative, adapting to market changes and consumer needs. They have developed several well-known brands such as Al Capone, Break, Bentley, and Petterøes. They have also expanded their business to several countries, including Germany, Norway, Denmark, and the USA.

    Quick History

    • 2015: Swiss tobacco company Burger Söhne launches On! nicotine pouches in Switzerland and Austria as a tobacco-free alternative to traditional snus. On! is marketed as a discreet and convenient way to enjoy nicotine without smoke, spit or smell. On! nicotine pouches are developed by Burger Söhne using a patented technology that allows the nicotine to be absorbed through the lining of the mouth, without the need for combustion or inhalation. The product is marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking and vaping.
    • 2016: On! expands to other European markets, such as Germany, Denmark and the UK, where it faces competition from other nicotine pouch brands like ZYN and Skruf. On! offers six flavors: mint, citrus, berry, wintergreen, licorice and original.
    • 2017: On! enters the US market with online sales and distribution in selected states, such as California, Colorado and Texas. On! aims to appeal to adult smokers and vapers who are looking for a satisfying and tobacco-free nicotine experience. On! is not subject to the same regulations as e-cigarettes, which are facing increasing scrutiny from health authorities and lawmakers.
    • 2019: American tobacco company Altria acquires an 80% stake in Burger Söhne’s nicotine pouch business and forms a subsidiary company called Helix Innovations to manufacture and market On! in the US. Altria invests $372 million in the deal and plans to expand On!'s distribution and innovation capabilities. Altria's acquisition of Burger Söhne's nicotine pouch business is part of the company's strategy to diversify its product portfolio and reduce its dependence on traditional cigarettes. Altria also invests in other alternative nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes and oral nicotine products.
    • 2020: On! becomes one of the leading brands of nicotine pouches in the US, with a market share of over 20%. On! benefits from the growing consumer demand for tobacco-free nicotine products amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the regulatory uncertainty around e-cigarettes. On! also benefits from the pandemic, as more consumers are seeking alternatives to smoking and vaping that can be used indoors and do not produce secondhand smoke.
    • 2021: On! introduces new flavors and strengths, such as coffee, spicy margarita and tropical spice, to cater to different consumer preferences and occasions. On! also launches a new website and a loyalty program to engage with its customers online. On! invests in its online presence and customer engagement, as more consumers are shopping and socializing online due to the pandemic.

    On! Snus is an example of such a brand, offering a modern alternative to traditional tobacco products. On! Snus comes in various flavors, such as mint, licorice, citrus, coffee, and berry, as well as different nicotine strengths, ranging from 3 mg to 9 mg per pouch. On! Snus is now available for sale in the Netherlands at, providing a healthier and more sustainable option for snus enthusiasts.

    Quick product Facts 

    Name Flavor Description Nicotine Strength
    On! Mint A fresh and minty flavor with a cool sensation, reminiscent of peppermint or spearmint. The flavor is mild and not overpowering, with a slightly sweet undertone. The cool sensation is due to the presence of menthol, which activates the cold-sensitive receptors in the mouth. On! Mint is a popular flavor among users who enjoy the refreshing taste of mint. It is often used as a palate cleanser or as a way to freshen breath. The cooling sensation of the mint flavor can also provide a refreshing sensation that some users find satisfying. 3 mg, 6 mg, 9 mg
    On! Licorice A sweet and salty licorice flavor with a rounded aftertaste. The flavor is complex and nuanced, with hints of anise, fennel, and other spices. The saltiness of the flavor provides a pleasant contrast to the sweetness, creating a well-balanced taste. On! Licorice is a popular flavor among users who enjoy the taste of licorice or other anise-flavored candies. The flavor is also sometimes used as a palate cleanser or as a way to freshen breath. 3 mg, 6 mg, 9 mg
    On! Citrus A tangy and fruity citrus flavor with a fresh sensation, reminiscent of lemons, limes, oranges, or grapefruits. The flavor is bright and refreshing, with a slightly sour undertone. The fresh sensation is due to the acidity of the citrus, which stimulates the taste buds and creates a cooling effect. On! Citrus is a popular flavor among users who enjoy the taste of citrus fruits or other sour candies. The flavor is also sometimes used as a palate cleanser or as a way to freshen breath. 3 mg, 6 mg, 9 mg
    On! Coffee An aromatic and powerful coffee flavor with a dark tone, reminiscent of espresso or black coffee. The flavor is rich and full-bodied, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The aroma is also strong and noticeable, providing a sensory experience that some users find appealing. On! Coffee is a popular flavor among users who enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee. The flavor is sometimes used as a pick-me-up or as a way to satisfy a craving for caffeine. 3 mg, 6 mg, 9 mg
    On! Berry A sweet and berry-like flavor with a summery sensation, reminiscent of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries. The flavor is fruity and juicy, with a subtle sweetness that is not overwhelming. The sensation is also slightly cooling, creating a refreshing taste. On! Berry is a popular flavor among users who enjoy the taste of berries or other fruity candies. The flavor is also sometimes used as a way to satisfy a sweet tooth without consuming sugar or calories. 3 mg, 6 mg, 9 mg

    Fun facts !

    • On! snus is made with nicotine extracted from tobacco, but it does not contain any tobacco leaf or stem. This makes it a tobacco-free product that does not produce any tobacco smell or taste.
    • On! snus comes in small white pouches that weigh only 0.5 grams each. They are smaller than most other nicotine pouch brands and can fit discreetly under the upper lip.
    • On! snus offers some exotic flavors that are not commonly found in other snus products, such as coffee, spicy margarita and tropical spice. These flavors are designed to appeal to different consumer preferences and occasions.

    Here are some of the latest news about the On! snus brand: Updated on April 1, 2003

    • In January 2023, Cannadips Europe, a brand offering premium CBD products in the European market, partnered with Snushus AG to launch fully natural CBD snus pouches and offer the core collection in-store.