Speak Out - Don't Ban Oral Nicotine Pouches in the Netherlands

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The Dutch government is considering a ban on the sale and use of nicotine pouches, but this measure would be a mistake. While these products should certainly be regulated, a ban is not the answer. A public consultation has been launched by the Dutch government, seeking views on these changes. It closes on 16th January 2023. Take the opportunity to make your voice heard!

The government has a consultation portal where it is easy to give your views on this issue.

If we don’t speak up, no one will listen. Please share your response and the call to respond to the consultation on social media if you wish. You can also send us an email sharing your experience with nicotine pouches.

If you want some inspiration on what to write or raise, we have some arguments that we think the government should take into consideration:

The Benefits of Nicotine Pouches as a Harm Reduction Tool

First and foremost, nicotine pouches are a less risky way for smokers to consume nicotine compared to traditional cigarettes. By offering a less harmful alternative, it can help smokers transition away from cigarettes and towards a healthier lifestyle. Banning these products would only make it harder for smokers to quit, undermining the government's goal of creating a "Smoke-Free Generation" by 2040.

The Ineffectiveness of Prohibition and the Importance of Regulation

Furthermore, prohibition does not work. History has shown that banning a substance does not stop people from consuming it – it only drives the market underground and makes it harder to regulate. In the case of nicotine pouches, a ban would not stop them from being consumed, but it would make it more difficult to ensure their safety and quality.

The Success of Sweden in Reducing Smoking Rates with Oral Nicotine Products

One country that has successfully reduced smoking rates through the use of oral nicotine products is Sweden. The widespread use of Swedish snus, a type of smokeless tobacco, has helped cut smoking rates in the country and improve public health. By contrast, the Netherlands has some of the highest smoking rates in Europe, and a ban on nicotine pouches would not make this situation better.

The Lack of Evidence for Nicotine Pouches as a Gateway to Smoking

There is also no evidence that nicotine pouches are a gateway into smoking. In fact, the opposite may be true – by offering a less harmful alternative to cigarettes, they may help prevent people from starting to smoke in the first place. And a ban would only make it harder for smokers to access a potentially helpful tool for quitting smoking.

Other EU Countries Regulate, Not Ban, Nicotine Pouches

Additionally, other EU member states are regulating, not banning, nicotine pouches. The Dutch government's proposed measures go beyond what is necessary to protect public health and would put the Netherlands at odds with the rest of Europe.

Focusing on Reducing Smoking is the Key to Improving Public Health

Ultimately, it is cigarette combustion and the resulting smoke, not nicotine, which is the issue when it comes to the health risks of smoking. By focusing on reducing smoking and promoting the use of less harmful alternatives, the Dutch government can improve public health and move towards its goal of a smoke-free generation. Banning nicotine pouches, on the other hand, would only make this goal harder to achieve.

verbod op nicotinezakjes nederlandse regering

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  • Nicotine zakjes
    By: Jannie Wildeboer On 17-01-2023

    Nederland weer. Nog even dan mag niets meer een rookvrij Nederland. Na 53 jaar gerookt te hebben is het verdomd moeilijk van het roken af tekomen. Nicotine kauwgom mag dan wel. Dus wat een onzin om deze zakjes te verbieden. Komt op het zelfde neer en het is ook nog papier en afbreekbaar. Kijk op pleinen en op straat hoeveel kauwgom er ligt ongekend. Ik ben er blij mee. Dus ook gewoon in Nederland bekopen. Gr JwdeB

  • Snus nicotine zakjes
    By: Fred Stolk On 13-01-2023

    Nederland is natuurlijk weer het enige land met een verkoop verbod, mijn vrouw gebruikt snus zakjes al jaren en ik ben heel blij dat ze gestopt is met sigaretten roken, en mijn mening is je doet er niemand kwaad mee, dus ik ben tegen een verbod het MOET gewoon weer te leveren zijn, Groetjes Fred Stolk.

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